I would like to reassure you that I am taking all precautions to ensure the safety of my customers during this time.

I will be keeping up to date with the latest government guidance regarding Covid 19 and this will mean some services I normally offer will be postponed or altered to keep everyone safe.

I will review my Covid 19 safety policy regularly and adapt as required. 

Please do contact me directly for up to date safe ways in which I can help with gifts and special occasion items, as well as painting and keepsake packs. 

A guest book that everyone will want to be a part of…

Having an eye-catching memento of a special day or occasion is a precious item to create. We all know that unfortunately photo albums and traditional guest books can sit in a cupboard or shelf gathering dust…so why not create something you can use or display?

Why not create something a bit different for your special day?

Find out about a new and exciting way to capture a little something unique from everyone present at your wedding, anniversary or special event in a tactile and bespoke way.  

Whether you choose a ceramic platter, elegant vase or tea set, I can ensure that it becomes a beautiful memento, created together by all of your guests.

How the magic happens

I ensure every guest is part of your design, encouraging them to leave their fingerprint or special message on your chosen piece.

The real magic happens after the event when I transform the item with my own bespoke designs and artistic additions, into a beautiful bespoke piece. I can add names directly or track who is who using a key and separate ‘map’ so that you will always know exactly who helped to create your special guestbook.

Every piece is a unique collaboration between you and your guests...

Meet Maggie

My name is Maggie and my love of creativity, design and artistic skill led me to set up Potty Peggy’s Event and also Potty Peggy’s Craft to help people create bespoke items as the perfect gift or memento.

As part of my service, I am happy to attend any wedding, event or party to help you create your unique ‘guestbook’ item. I will ensure all guests take part and carefully record everyone involved.

The creation of your piece is the perfect activity to bring joy, fun and laughter to all of your guests.  It is something they are sure to be talking about long after the special day and everyone will be keen to see the finished item – which I hope you will proudly display and use.

Collaborative Creations – Crafted with Care

Contact Me

Recently engaged? Planning your wedding? Organising a special anniversary celebration? Arranging an important event? Get in touch and learn more about my exquisite ceramic guest books and the service I can offer as part of your special day.

I am happy to travel within 10 miles of Hedge End, Southampton, Hampshire. 

I really look forward to hearing from you.